Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann

Posted in Champions | 02-Feb-13

German entrepreneur and geostrategist Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann, founder and President of the independent World Security Network Foundation, has designed and written The Human Codes of Tolerance and Respect - which will be published as a book and in more detail on this website - after severals years of research and meetings with religious leaders, scholars and politicans all over the world. These have included talks with Queen Rania, Karen Amstrong, and Prince Hassan as well as intensive discussions about the art of reconcoliation with his friend Alfons Nossol and in the Vatican, Dubai, Pakistan and India.

One focus is the search for the 'true Islam' of Prophet Muhammed and the Hadith showing tolerance and respect of the Prophet towards Christians, Jews and even his enemies in Mecca.

Dr. Hoffmann regulary gives speeches about the Codes of Tolerance and Islam all over the world. He has shown the real heart of Islam and demasked the politically perverted hate-preachers.

The Codes of Tolerance project digs deep into the foundations of peacemaking. It shows that with power and military means alone peace can not preserved and enforces a new double strategy of power and reconciliation, soft and hard factors which are needed yet too often neglected in the West. With its International Advisory Board including 19 former generals, the World Security Network knows much about the hard factors of peacemaking and therefore knows their limitations and the lack of planing and implementation of the soft factors with the same amount of funding and action as the military tools.

"The so-called 'soft factors' are not soft but hard realities of peacemaking. On the contrary it is naive to think and plan war and peace in areas like the Middle East or Afghanistan without them, neglecting to turn enemies into friends", Dr. Hoffmann argues. "If you have no strategy, funding and promotion of the extremely important soft factors, and if you do not win the hearts and minds of the population, you must lose."

The active promotion of tolerance and respect as the lifeblood in the global village is seen by Dr. Hoffmann as the conditio sine qua non of peacemaking. The elite in all countries should start with it now.

More information about the Human Codes of Tolerance and Respect project can be found at this website: www.codesoftolerance.com.

Information about Dr. Hoffmann can be found here.

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