Codes of Tolerance and Respect in Culture

Posted in Codes of Tolerance | 02-Feb-13

The best practices in the field of culture are: 

1.Famous conductor Daniel Barenboim and the Palestinian literry scholar Edward Said in 1999 created a workshop for young musicians, the „East-Eastern Divan“. Equal numbers of Israeli and Arab musicians and Spanish members meet each summer in Seville for a workshop.In 13 years this mixed WEDO orchestra had performed in several prestigious concert halls all over the world. ( 

2. In 2009 the exhibition, “My Homeland is Within My Soul, Art Without Borders: The Jewish Contribution to Art and European Culture” opened at the United Nations in Geneva.The exhibit featured original works by internationally-recognized Jewish art masters - including Chagall and Rothko.

3. In May 2012 the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government orgenized two mega events to promote culture, art, literature and tolerance in the NWFP and the tribal areas (FATA) in Pakistan.The events under the supervision of directorate of culture included various cultural, entertainment and literary programmes. Provincial Minister for Information and Culture Mian Iftikhar Hussain ,flanked by known artist Jamal Shah, explained that his government wants to remove hatred, jealousy and narrow mindedness from the society by holding those events.The minister said that the cultural events would help in creating harmony, brotherhood, tolerance and restoring peace.He explained that during the past three decades the people of the region had suffered owing to sectarian crisis and political polarisation. Mr Hussain told that ‘face off’ would be a national workshop wherein people would be informed about the negative effects of intolerance. The workshop was aimed at changing negative thinking through art, theatre, music, documentaries and journalism.

4. International known singer and songwriter Alanis Morissette toured Palestine, Beirut and Kosovo promoting tolerance.

5. The Young Art Collection, suppoted by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Metro Atlanta Affiliate, empowers young artists to connect to each other and world leaders promoting mutual understanding.

6. “Art Road to Peace” initiative of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art educates Jewish and Arabic children in cooperation through working on art projects (

7. The active OneVoice grassroot teams in Ramallah, Gaza, and Tel Aviv promote reconciliation in the Holy Land.In Palestine OneVoice Palestine has partnered with the Palestinian Ministry of Education to bring this question into Palestinian schools asking children aged 13 to 17 to submit an essay contest “Imagine 2018” and have in turn received nearly 2000 submissions. Through partners and volunteers, the contest has been taken to schools in Gaza as well. The submissions express beautiful visions of a future Palestine that is independent and without occupation, that is frequented by tourists and visitors, that is vibrant and at peace with all its neighbors. In Israel it cooperated with the Israeli Ministry of Education, various municipalities, four youth movements, and Tapuz, the largest internet forum in Israel, to bring this essay contest to Israeli youth  driven by the dreams of young Israelis to live in an Israel that is safe, secure, recognized and at peace with all its neighbors, that works with neighboring countries to promote regional interests (