"THE PROJECT" A Project of the Cultural Jihad

Posted in Islam | 18-Nov-09 | Author: Ambassador Prof. Dumitru Chican

In November 2001, about two months after the terrorist attacks of September 11, during a series of searches organized by the Swiss authorities and security services, they discovered a classified document without delay as a "top secret" and issued in 1982, by the members of some fundamentalist terrorist organizations known for the violent actions carried out in different regions of the world. It was an action program called "The Project" meant to develop the program of a real "cultural invasion" of the West, as part of the great Jihad for the reconstruction of global Muslim Caliphate. News of this discovery were published briefly on the front pages of many prestigious Western newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Le Monde, La Republica, but detailed discussions about the content of the "Project" took place only at the top level intelligence communities in Western countries. Only in October 2005, due to the Swiss entrepreneur Sylvain Besson from Le Temps, author of "The Conquette de l'Occident. Le projet secret des islamistes" (Conquest of the West. Islamists' Secret Project") information about the "Project" became known to the public opinion. As quote by the author, a Western official estimated that the document develops" a totalitarian ideology of infiltration which constitutes a serious threat to companies on the European continent".

The action, organized by the Swiss services at the request of the American counterparts in the context of post-September, 11th actions, aimed at detecting and dismantling the sources and channels of financing terrorist fundamentalist groups, had as target a certain Yussuf Nada, director of the "Takwa Bank" in Lugano, a settlement bound by old relations to the Islamist movement of the "Muslim Brothers", the pursuer himself admitting, in subsequent depositions to being one of its international leaders. The mentioned bank facilitated the transfer of funds to radical organizations like Al-Qaeda, Hamas, or the Algerian GIA group or the Tunisian Al-Nahda (Renaissance). The 14-page document, captured in a luxurious villa in the village of Nada's Swiss Yussuf Campione develops a broad range of tactics and methods of action in order "to establish a worldwide Islamic government" and the "Western cultural invasion." Interviewed by the author of the above-mentioned book, a Western European official who preferred to remain anonymous considered that "The project develops a totalitarian infiltration and penetration ideology which is very dangerous for companies on the European continent."

What distinguishes the document from the already known Jihadi slogans such as "Death to America, Death to Israel" is found in a flexible manner, o a gradual long-term "invasion of the West, which must be made through diverse practices ranging from immigration, infiltration, surveillance, propaganda, protest actions, requesting political asylum, to violent-terrorist actions." The actuality of the "Project" is confirmed by the developments and events which Europe has experienced in recent years by its location in the Islamic world. Without focusing attention exclusively on the phenomenon and practice of terrorism, as it is the case with the Al-Qaeda network, the authors (alleged researchers in collaboration with members of the Muslim Brotherhoods) separate and fragment this method in less observable, more insidious, but equally damaging segments. Here are just a few of them, as they are set in the "Recommendations" of the "Project":

Permanent coordination of actions with other organizations and movements ideologically and programmatically close

Avoiding contacts and alliances with those organizations and groups known and classified as terrorists, in order to maintain the appearance of a moderate attitude within the host society

Infiltrating and taking control of those Muslim organizations, establishments, foundations, etc. and realigning them to the ideology and principles of the Muslim Brotherhood

The use of deceit, deception and cunning to conceal the true interests and purposes, provided that they do not contradict the Islamic law (Shari'a)

Avoiding conflict with western natives to avoid jeopardizing in the long run, the preaching of the Islam or the provoking of anti-Islamic hostility

Continuously monitoring actions will be run, information will be gathered and an updatable database will be created

The development of Muslim communities, including creating and supporting think-tank groups, law firms, media and academic groups that will present Islam in a favorable light

The development of a comprehensive program designed for a period of 100 years to disseminate the Islamic ideology at a global level

Developing a social network of schools, hospitals, Islamic charities to ensure a permanent contact with Muslim movements and structures in different parts of the world

The election, through democratic procedures, of Muslim personalities in different structures and at all levels of the legislative and executive power in the host country, as well as in nongovernmental organizations, private organizations and trade unions

The establishment of autonomous "security forces" to protect the Muslim communities in countries of residence

The development of an "Islamic constitution" that can be implemented in a favorable context

Supporting Jihadi movements and structures of all countries through advocacy, funding, technical and operational assistance

Supporting actions and steps for total liberation of Palestine from Israeli occupation and creating an independent Islamic Palestinian state

Creating a network of links between Jihadi movements in Palestine and those that are active in the rest of the world etc.

Reading the "Project" surprises, especially by the fact that, although it was developed over 20 years ago, when terrorist militant Jihad was only in its early period, it captures the picture of a future perspective according to which the world lives today quite accurately, and foresees the major coordinates of the Islamic Jihadi action to create a new planetary caliphate. Equally surprising is the lack of feedback of the circles involved in the fight against terrorism and against the fundamentalist Islamic Jihad, with the exception of the few limited debates that took place in the Western intelligence circles. The socio-cultural offensive of the Islamist militancy was approached from a rather insulting perspective, the "Project" being labeled as a "Cardboard Jihad", innocuous and lacking pragmatic realization. The reality today seems to contradict these hasty conclusions confirmed today by the image of Islam and Islamism in the Western world. It proves once again that "the-way-of-God Holy War" is not limited to its military and combative segment, but shows its potential at far more subtle and striking levels, as long as they are mostly underground, avoiding exposure in the spotlight and being, due to this very fact, harder to detect and fight.

If we take into account the fact that the ideological and doctrinal paternity of the contemporary Jihadi movement are the ideas of the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood whose thinking has inspired and continues to provide themes for action and meditation for most of the Jihadi-Salaphist structures of today, we can ask whether the contemporary world is not facing a "total war" - military, socio-cultural, economic and financial, to proselytize and to disseminate the project of a global Islamic domination, the answer is likely to be positive and not just at speculative levels perpetrated by some dreamers disconnected from reality.