No Hate for Children, please !

Posted in Promotion | 11-Aug-03 | Author: Hubertus Hoffmann

- Children in Islamic countries are being subjected to unprecedented hate campaigns against Israel, the United States and the West -

In most Islamic countries these days, young children attending kindergartens, schools, and summer camps, reading newspapers, listening to the radio and watching TV, are exposed to one clear message: hate towards Israel, hate towards the United States, and hate towards the West in general. Today's children are the preferred target of an unprecedented hate campaign – and all the while the West remains silent and looks the other way.

While leaders exchange polite conversation at state dinners, promote "peace treaties" or search for terrorists, the real battle for the hearts and minds of the future - young people - is being waged and lost day by day. For just around the corner, school books – and not only those within the Palestine Authority but also in Saudi Arabia and Egypt – teach children a more or less subtle lesson about whom to hate, “who the real enemy is”, and portray an exalted view of suicide bombers. Is there nothing we can do about this?

We are not experiencing a “Clash of Civilisations” but rather “Hate among Civilisations”.

Not tolerance but intolerance is being preached, not reconciliation but armed conflict. All with the tacit approval of official school and information ministers, sometimes even using funding from the EU, the UN or UNESCO.

Those who raise their children on a steady diet of hate mustn’t be surprised if someday one among a thousand grows up to carry out deadly bombing attacks on civilians.

This "Hate for Children" propaganda is one of the roots of terrorism in Islamic countries.

The West must no longer look the other way; rather, it must seize the initiative, analyse and address this alarming topic on all levels, and call for education in Islamic countries that promotes tolerance. There is complicity in silence for those who fail to act now.