Codes of Tolerance and Respect for Religious Leaders

Posted in Codes of Tolerance | 03-Feb-13

Discussing the Codes of Tolerance and Islam with Cardinal Stanislaw Dzwisz in Krakow who was like a son to late John Paul II and served him since 1963 as secretary. He told Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann how important mutual respect of all religions was for the popular Pope from Poland.
  1. As spiritual leaders for the people of the world, all religious representatives bear a very special responsibility to promote tolerance and respect towards other religions, races and ethnic minorities.
  2. Where you are in a majority you give tolerance, where you are in a minority your receive tolerance.
  3. The founders of all major religions in the world demanded tolerance and respect towards other believers, races and minorities – this has been often forgotten in the public, covered by acts of hatred and turned upside down by hate-mongers who misuse religion to gain power and influence for themselves.
  4. The religious leaders must revitalize the roots of tolerance and lead the masses to peaceful behavior, impeaching the hate-mongers among their religious groups. Courage and openness are needed now.
  5. History shows many examples of religious leaders protecting those of other religions from extremist violence. These traditions – and not those of the extremists – must be revitalized and celebrated.
  6. Interreligious dialogues must be encouraged and carried out respectfully. When different religious groups engage one another, mutual trust can be built up and misunderstandings can be prevented. While such a dialogue can be tense and difficult, factors like respect, kindness and a belief in mutual humanity can help both sides to accept one another and defuse petty conflicts.