Codes of Tolerance and Respect for Parents

Posted in Codes of Tolerance | 03-Feb-13

  1. reat everyone’s children as if they were your own. It is paramount that children are brought up not to hate others.
  2. Make your children proud, strong and self-confident: of their culture, of their family roots and traditions, and of their religion, as only self-confident children can be tolerant to others as they look at the world around them without fear.
  3. Help your children learn other languages, especially the majority language where you live as a minority, as foreign languages are the important door for the understanding of other cultures. Children should also learn the mother languages of their family fluently to stay connected with their roots.
  4. Avoid the dangers of an overly materialistic world and its moral relativism – i.e. its lack of basic, binding moral values – as this can lead to children without respect for others.
  5. Connect your children with the roots of your religion and a positive picture of their world, where they are responsible as the next generation of leaders and doers to make our globe a better place.
  6. Teach your children that a diverse world with different religions, races and ethnic minorities is enriching and that the idea of a homogeneous world with only one religion or one race would be a severe loss for them and all of us.
  7. Invite children of other religions, races and ethnic groups to play with your children. Teach your children to accept them as friends and not exclude them.